Sunday, 16 November 2014

"Do’s and Don’ts" of SAP MM Certification

Here is a quick inside on do’s and don’ts of SAP MM Certification from people who have cleared this exam by using our Premium Questions set. 
First Refer the books and go by each word, sentences and get familiar of all the screen that comes while doing exercise. Once you are familiar with all possible terminologies and modules then refer our Premium Question Set and practice as many time you can before you appear in exam (you can refer our preparation plan given here.
You need to complete the chapter end exercises thoroughly at least you expect 7 – 10 questions in your certification exams .
Purchasing II books carries 20 questions in certification. Our Premium questions give you confidence to attain the exam as we cover questions from all chapters. 
Don’t concentrate much on week end exams.
Solution Manager you can leave … only 1 – 2 questions out of that .
Don’t loose patience as you will tend to feel that you don’t know anything as exam dates get closer, feel free and relax and sleep at least for 10 hours before exam .

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