Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Steps for PP-PI - QM Integration

Following are the multiple steps for the integration (you can add steps based on your company needs).

steps for PP-PI - QM Integration

1. Material Master is created

2. QM view is created.

3. All the relevant inspection types are assigned.

4. BOM,Resource are created.

5. Now Assign inspection types 03 & 04.

6. Do In Process (inspection type = 03) & FG inspection (inspection type:04) to be done

7. Now For - 03 inspection you need to assign inspection characteristics to the Master Recipe.
   For the 04 inspection you need to create an inspection plan and assign the
   control for lot creation in the material master i.e. to X
   If you use the Y setting then the inspection lot is created with the release
   of the order.

8. Final step

   In the PPPI scenario the the control recipe will generate after u relelase the process order.
   u can find point the red round sign on the porcess order main screen.
   Click to activate that sign ==> the control recipe is generated.

   After that if you mentain some parameter in the PI sheet that will capture by saving the porcess order.

   Then Initiate t-code: CO53 & find the PI sheet for your process order.
   Now you need to send this PI sheet to specific destination.
   Then Initiate t-code: CO60 ==> u can see the PI sheet for the Process ordere with the maintained parameter.

   The 04 inspection lot is stock relevant meaning that the material from the GR from production goes into quality stock.

Note: In material master under Quality view,
         QM config would assign inspection type (one for pre despatch and another one for post despatch).
         Material Master Table: MARA. Check also Material Master Views for increased visibility.

Config Activity (that is carried out here)
In material master
    => go to quality management view
          => select inspection set up
                => select inspection type
                      => In inspection give 06 and 10 &
                           => click on 'Active'.
                               => save this info (click on the save button).

Implying => when you do PGR (Post Goods Receipt) for return stock/material,
                  it will create a inspection lot. 
                  QM config will update the inspection lot base settings and when we do PGR it will go to quality stock,
                         with specified category.

MM-SD - Under Inventory Management

Return Delivery & Credit Memo (issue)
Integration Points Module

- Increases Inventory - MM/ QM (For Inspection)

Delivery & Goods Issue
- Availability Check - MM
- Credit Check - FI  (coverage from FICO area)
- Reduces stock - MM/ QM (Inspection before moving stock to unrestricted Stock / before despatching the material).

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