Thursday, 16 May 2013

How To Create Quotations - Purchase

Using transaction code ME47, we can create a quotation based on a request for quotation.
Step 1)
  1. Transaction code for quotation maintenance – ME47.
  2. RFQ: request for quotation that we are using as a reference document.
  3. Press ENTER.

Step 2)
  1. RFQ quantity
  2. Delivery date
  3. Net price per unit of measure
  4. Storage Location

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Overview Of Quotations. How To Create RFQ - Purchase


Quotations are requests for vendors to provide us information about their best prices, terms and conditions, schedule of deliveries and other information in order to select the best source for our procurement needs.
Below you can see the process flow for quotations in purchasing in SAP MM module.

Quotation process is started with creation of a request for quotation, and afterwards maintenance of the quotations to input all the information received from possible vendors. Then we want to compare the offers and select the best suitable one(s) rejecting the others.In SAP, there are several transaction used in the process.

How to create Request for quotation